The Lauritzen Foundation believes in you

Devoting nearly DKK 25 million to charitable, humanitarian and educational projects last year alone, the Lauritzen Foundation helps people around the world each and every day. Yet an extremely low profile meant that much of their work went largely unrecognised.

CBC worked with the organisation formerly called the JL-Foundation to create a new visual identity and brand platform that projects a clearer image of who the Lauritzen Foundation is and what it does.

"An important goal of our refreshed brand image is to educate people both within and outside of our organisation about the whole range of our activities. This brand makeover is a way for us to reach out to the many stakeholders who have an interest in what the foundation does," says Jens Ditlev Lauritzen, chairman of the Lauritzen Foundation.

See Lauritzen Foundation website and film

See Lauritzen Foundation annual report 2009

CBC built a new corporate identity programme, website and annual report around a creative concept called "Believe in you."

"It’s a line that can be read two ways: ’We believe in you’ and ’Believe in yourself’. We’re saying that we’ll support you, but that you also need to make an effort yourself," says Inge Grønvold, executive manager of the Lauritzen Foundation.

And CBC’s redesign of the organisation’s logo can be seen as both a guiding star and a compass needle - "both ways to find direction in life," says Lauritzen.

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