About us

B2B is complex. We’ll help you make cents.

Decades of B2B branding and marketing experience have shown us how to blend insight with strategy and creativity to drive bottom line results.

International B2B branding & marketing experts

Bring 40+ years of B2B expertise on board

With CBC, you get an international team of specialist branding, marketing, and communications experts dedicated to transforming your marketing challenges into commercial opportunities. This means we never require a long onboarding process and you always get the most effective team behind your project.

It’s why global B2B businesses choose to partner with us, often for years at a time.


Take your brand across borders

From satellites to software, marine to medical, our deep sector experience has shown us how to blend insight with strategy to deliver measurable results. Together, we will find the most effective ways to turn your complex processes into clear, compelling propositions. And sometimes, we’ll even pick up an award for you along the way.

If you are ready to take your brand and business across borders, talk to us.

A local presence for your international brand

CBC is an active member of the MAGNET global network, an exclusive partnership of over 40 of the world’s leading independent advertising agencies.

This gives you access to over 450 professionals with local expertise in the markets you want to succeed in, including buyer behaviours, drivers, channels, and alignment with cultural nuances.


Grow your B2B brand across borders

With each project, you’ll get more from your branding and marketing investment. You’ll develop your business more effectively in key markets, drive inbound results, and build an invaluable connection with the people you want to reach.

If you are ready to begin, so are we. Reach out to us today and let’s start to explore your options.

Ralph Krøyer, Managing Partner
Tel: +45 35 25 01 75
Email: rk@cbc.dk