We turn insight
into impact

Our deep sector experience and lean methodology save you time, trouble, and budget. We never require a long engagement process and we always hit the ground running. Fast.

A solid platform to grow your brand

No matter in which industry or market you operate, it’s vital you build a connection with the people you want to reach. By focusing on your superior value and differentiation with consistency, audiences will grow to trust what you offer.

Get B2B brand development right, and the magic happens. With a clear purpose and proposition, your brand can be the deciding factor why people choose you over your competition, especially in sectors where complexity, perceived risks, and product parity are high.

Brand-building services

  • Research, customer, and market insight
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand portfolio and architecture
  • Brand narrative and value proposition
  • Visual identity and design guides
  • Brand communications platforms
  • Brand book and deployment
  • Employer branding
B2B brand development agency
B2B brand development agency

A proven model for success

Building and nurturing a brand takes care and consistency. Over countless projects, CBC has developed a proven model for brand development that blends strategy, identity, and creativity.

We can help you balance each element, crafting a distinct personality that radiates your DNA and leaves a long-lasting impression.

No matter how your stakeholders come into contact with your brand, we’ll make sure it remains synonymous with your value and offering, building the most important asset of all: trust.

Creativity and content that brings campaigns to life

B2B is about people, not products. A relevant and intelligent idea that resonates at an emotional level will ensure your audience are more receptive to what you have to say.

Do it well, and a few words and images can speak volumes. Get it wrong, and you can switch a potential buyer off forever.

Creativity has always been one of our greatest strengths; working together, our specialists can help you to develop powerful concepts that are right on the money.

Creative services

  • Campaign concepts
  • Brand and product campaigns
  • Segment and aftermarket campaigns
  • Social media content and campaigns
  • Recruitment and internal campaigns
  • Content and asset development
  • Exhibition concepts and design
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Sales and channel support material

We put creativity to work

It’s crucial that your audience believes what you tell them. If you consistently deliver on your promises, trust and loyalty will follow.

Creativity is essential to help build this relationship, but it must be handled with intelligence and care. Especially in B2B, where reputations and careers are on the line, your buyers won’t be blinded by bright lights and sparkles.

At CBC, we take creativity seriously. We believe great ideas that resonate at a deeply emotional level create long-term impact. We also understand that the more we know your business and market, the more on-point our creative work will be.

Outgoing activities that drive inbound results

We get the complexities of your business and develop tactical campaigns tailored to your markets and KPIs.

Using the right approach for the right situation, you get a complete package, aligned with your brand strategy, that supports your wider ambitions and fuels your marketing ROI.

No matter if it’s greater brand awareness, stronger product marketing, tighter internal alignment, or some other strategic goal, we’ll help you drive qualitative and quantitative results.

Marketing activation services

  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Campaign activation
  • Search, social, and online media
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Digital lead generation and nurturing
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics and reporting

Deliver the right message at the right time

Mapping the customer journey is key to influencing the moments that dictate buying decisions. This journey is the process a buyer goes through, from initial brand awareness, to the evaluation of your products and services, to finally making the purchase decision.

The better you understand the buyer’s behaviour during this process, the greater your chance of closing the sale, as well as upselling and customer retention.

We will help you to plan the right moments to engage with your audience, with the emotive and rational messages that will funnel them along the journey, building preference along the way.