Building a brand that resonates

Brüel & Kjær is a name that echoes throughout the global sound and vibration industry. However, over time the market perceived the company purely as a product provider when, in fact, it offers far more in terms of complete, end-to-end solutions.

Furthermore, with a diminishing difference between its technology and its competitors’, Brüel & Kjær had to make a significant change to stay front-of-mind in an increasingly competitive market.

CBC was brought in for a complete rebranding project to reposition Brüel & Kjær for the future.


  • Rebranding your company
  • Repositioning for future growth
  • Creating a new brand communications concept and identity


“This initiative went far deeper than simply a cosmetic overhaul; we intended to create a cultural shift in the way we behave and communicate.

CBC was able to understand exactly what we want and quickly develop the right strategy and creative approach. It is refreshing to have such a tailor-made relationship that fits the way we work.”

Camilla Travis
Strategic Brand & Communications Manager, Brüel & Kjær