A recipe for successful food processing marketing

Right now, the global food-processing sector faces a long list of challenges, from responding to evolving consumer trends to navigating complex issues such as labour, regulations, supply chain management, and sustainability. To succeed in this dynamic and competitive industry, food-processing suppliers need a recipe for successful marketing that can help them stand out from the crowd and build lasting relationships with their customers.

But there is a silver lining to all those clouds. Today’s challenges create opportunities for food-processing suppliers to stand out as innovators and clearly demonstrate the value they provide for customers and end-consumers.

Be your customer’s problem solver

In the food-processing industry, decision-makers in product development, R&D, and procurement are all looking for solutions to their challenges. To be a problem solver, you need to innovate. But as innovative as your solution may be, you can’t focus on product specs alone. You must continuously communicate your brand’s greater value, a vision which is supported by your products and solutions.

Some of the choices your customers need to make are highly complex and risky, and it can be hard for them to differentiate between solutions. So, when choosing between you and your competitor, the ultimate decision may come down to a gut feeling. When it’s time to make their purchase, your customer will pay a price premium for a recognised and trusted brand.

To tap into your customer’s emotional drivers, you need to prove that your brand is smart, trustworthy and ready for the challenges ahead. To differentiate from the competition and take market ownership, your brand must stand out as a customer-centric leader.

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Cabinplant is answering today’s challenges

Cabinplant supplies food-processing businesses with turn-key weighing and packing solutions. While Cabinplant’s clients have seen demand increase during the pandemic, it has become more challenging than ever to optimise labour and operate efficiently. By enabling automation, better working conditions and reduced waste, Cabinplant’s solutions help its customers solve those problems.

As it has for so many of us, the pandemic is transforming the way Cabinplant builds and maintains customer relationships. “We are used to meeting face-to-face,” shared Jan Tøffner Andersen, Marketing Manager at Cabinplant. “All the technical challenges of connecting have created some barriers, but we are overcoming that by addressing customers in new ways, including an increased focus on digital channels.”

As part of that effort, CBC recently helped Cabinplant increase digital lead generation. The aim of our combined efforts is to bring Cabinplant’s expertise to the forefront, offering the customer strategies to deal with the forces that are impacting their businesses.

Make a concerted effort

The complexity of the food-processing industry requires a move towards greater sales and marketing alignment, a trend which has been accelerated in recent months. While cancelled and postponed trade shows such as Interpack are keeping salespeople squirming in their seats, a digital lead-gen campaign enables businesses like Cabinplant to pull in new leads online.

But the sales/marketing collaboration doesn’t end at lead generation. Prospects need to be nurtured throughout the buyer journey with content that matches their specific pain points. This nurturing process will not only help position your brand as a problem-solver, it will strengthen your lead scoring and sales processes.

Without the chance to meet in person, food-processing suppliers need to provide customers with more value-adding content. A thought leadership piece such as a white paper or strategic guide can serve as the foundation for a larger body of content including blog posts, videos, and webinars. Over time, this mass of consistent, customer-focused content will add up to your brand becoming the trusted source of knowledge in your market.

Are you ready?

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