To successfully align internal culture with brand promise, however, best safety practices must be deeply ingrained within Svitzer’s culture from the ground up. Over the last five years, CBC has been helping Svitzer to drive internal engagement with their safety agenda, part of which involves an annual Safety Day event to highlight and communicate key issues, goals, and targets.

CBC blog link: Driving a successful one brand process

This time, the Safety Day focused on correct use of heaving lines between vessels, under the theme “safe while connecting”. Here it is all about teaching crews on both Svitzer and connecting vessels to operate a heaving line properly, with no harm to themselves or others. A difficult part of this is how to attach a heavy object to the line and throw it to the tug boat, while communicating between vessels and avoiding injury.

CBC explored new platforms to communicate these safety issues at eye level and to retain top-of-mind awareness. As every crew member has a smartphone, the most effective solution was a simple and educational game app that highlighted best practices in an entertaining way (and could also reach thousands of employees scattered worldwide).

The game was exceptionally well received, with plans now in place to prolong awareness of the topic through high score competitions.

You can download the game on AppStore or Google Play: Search for Monkey Fist, or take a look at more examples of B2B content marketing that makes waves.

For B2B businesses, finding effective ways to get employees on board with important strategic journeys isn’t easy. But – it is crucial, and not delivering on your brand promise can have a huge impact on your brand and business.

If you are looking to achieve the same success as Svitzer in aligning your internal culture with your B2B brand promise, let’s explore ways in which we can help you get there.

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