Best use of B2B customer insights

To celebrate 75 years in business and to position the brand as being at the forefront of progress, senior management wanted to create a thought leadership campaign that would inspire and guide the future of product development.

Together with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, the ambitious Beyond Tomorrow project was born.

Our work with Brüel & Kjær on the Beyond Tomorrow project has just been shortlisted for a best use of B2B customer insights Marketing Award! Read on to see how we helped Brüel & Kjær engage high-level decision-makers and generate C-suite leads with this ambitious thought leadership campaign.

Best use of B2B customer insights | Brüel & Kjær | CBC | Cross-Border Communications | Leading international B2B branding and marketing agency

Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow is a vision study project that used realistic scenarios to explore the future of product development and clarify what businesses believed would be vital to remain competitive. Working with visionary experts and selected organisations, the study investigated key trends and predictions for product development towards the year 2030.

As well as a “megatrends” report that summarised the findings of the scenarios, the project culminated in an event at Brüel & Kjær’s headquarters in Copenhagen, where the results were discussed in depth by business leaders.

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You can view Brüel & Kjær’s concept video here:

Integrated marketing support

The entire project needed a communications partner and platform that would give the project the strong identity, structure, and clarity needed to open doors at management level and engage audiences with value-adding content.

CBC rose to the challenge, developing the project theme and concept as well as acting as an integrated marketing resource at every stage.

The big “Beyond Tomorrow” idea and graphical identity was designed to build awareness with C-level and top management audiences (through direct emails, social media, and print media) and create engagement through key communications channels (activation of content in microsites, events, presentations, reports, articles, animations, etc.).

CBC also structured and created sales kits to support sales in presenting the insights and working with customers to integrate the findings into their strategic planning. CBC also developed all marketing and materials needed for the event itself.

CBC B&K Thought Leadership Report. Best use of B2B customer insights | Brüel & Kjær | CBC | Cross-Border Communications | Leading international B2B branding and marketing agency

The conversation isn’t over

The strategy and concept proved to have the desired effect. Brüel & Kjær was able to generate leads, get on the radar with top managers and create a wealth of valuable information that not only benefitted the organisations directly involved, but has gone on to inspire businesses in many different sectors.

The results and findings of the vision study are still being used and exchanged worldwide. Being at the epicentre of the campaign, Brüel & Kjær continue to be seen as authoritative pioneers leading a crucial conversation that is heard across multiple industries.

Check out Brüel & Kjær’s event video here:

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