Boosting online conversion by 400%

In addition to developing a new creative communications concept that reflected Plus Pack’s commercial value and commitment to the food industry, a priority project was the design and development of a new website. The goal was to increase online lead generation by 100%.

Together, we hit 400%.

Digital done right

CBC worked closely alongside Plus Pack’s Marketing Manager, Maria Møllegård Schmidt, and Director of Business Development & Marketing, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, to ensure the new Plus Pack website effectively supports the B2B customer journey, offers an engaging user experience, and conveys a clear proposition to the food market. All with focus on optimising the online conversion of the inbound activities.

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Upscaling the message

The concept “We make food stand out” was brought to life through a series of impactful visuals that highlighted how Plus Pack enables producers to present products most appealingly on supermarket shelves and deliver on their commercial and operational objectives.

It’s not just about what you say – it’s also about how you say it. CBC’s unique visual concept was used across the Plus Pack website and in all other marketing channels to build a consistent brand impression in all customer touchpoints. The update included a redesign of the brand identity including font and colours, to help bring greater impact to all communications.

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Building on success

“It was a great result to increase lead generation by 400% following the website’s launch,” said Camilla. “We now have a solid platform for our digital presence. But now is not the time to relax. We are working together to optimize the website structure and design and improve performance even further.”

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