B2B content marketing that makes waves

In 2013, CBC relaunched Brüel & Kjær’s magazine Waves, and worked with them to support and strengthen their brand position as the experts in sound and vibration over the following five years, adding a special focus on the early stages of the buyer journey. The concept was to engage both commercial and technical decision-makers, bringing their perspectives and reasons to buy together, and cover innovative and ground-breaking stories within the realm of sound and vibration.

Brüel & Kjær magazine, relaunched by CBC | Cross-Border Communications | Leading international B2B branding and marketing agency

Waves was redeveloped as an on and offline magazine, covering all areas of the industry from car design, urban noise limits and mining noise to developments in space shuttle technology and modes of monitoring whale songs. To create the direction and lead the content strategy, CBC ran an editorial strategy workshop and used a web survey to understand the needs of the brand, how it is perceived and see where opportunities lay.

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The newly redesigned magazine includes case studies from clients and partners, technical innovation stories, pieces on broad industry themes, and a little humour as well, and further developed the digital version of the magazine to create a stronger online presence.

Frontpages of Brüel & Kjær magazine Waves, relaunched by CBC | Cross-Border Communications | Leading international B2B branding and marketing agency

The results have been highly positive. The new design and strategy grew the subscriber list by 240%, with an e-newsletter seeing typical open rates of 21.58% and click rates at 5.5%, 72% higher than industry average. The e-newsletter is sent to 53,070 subscribers and has an open rate of 21.58%, with a typical click rate of 5.49%. It is also sent out in print to 4,974 customers.

“CBC understood exactly what we wanted and developed the right strategy and creative approach. The project went beyond just creating a magazine, becoming a new way to position the brand, internally and externally. We are delighted with the way the process unfolded and the results we achieved together.” Charlotte Stampe – coordinator, Brüel & Kjær

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