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If you aren’t actively building your brand, you can be sure your competitors are building theirs.

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Strong brands win more business

Studies show that many B2B companies devote only a fragment of their marketing budget to branding. These businesses are literally selling themselves short, missing valuable opportunities to deepen customer relationships, improve return on marketing investment, and augment the lifetime value of their buyers.

On the other hand, those that do invest in B2B branding and marketing often cannot get beyond promoting their own achievements or product specifications, avoiding broader initiatives to build the overall company brand.

This means there are opportunities for ambitious B2B companies to invest in their brand as a growth engine for the business.

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It’s about engagement and value

At CBC, we believe brand marketing shouldn’t get a free pass; it must drive measurable valuable in the short and long term. To do this, it’s important not only to find emotionally resonant ways to connect with audiences, but to engage with them across all channels at pivotal moments along the customer journey.

It is also vital you involve multiple teams across your organisation, each integrating a range of perspectives and expertise. Your brand’s development is too important to leave to a few individuals and assume it will happen by itself.

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We've supported countless businesses across multiple sectors, giving us a deep understanding of the challenges, trends, regulations, and drivers involved. This means we never require a long onboarding process and know how to develop the best approach for your needs.