Aasted has embarked on an ambitious program to enhance the sustainability of its products and processes, anchored sustainability into its business plan, and initiated sustainability training throughout the organization.

To help drive the green transition of its customers and suppliers, encourage more sustainable thinking within the organization, and position the company as a responsible workplace that will continue to attract & retain the best talent, Aasted recognized the need to communicate its sustainability goals and achievements more consistently and proactively – and engaged CBC to help do this.

Key deliverables

  • Improve the framework for communicating Aasted’s
    sustainability efforts and results
  • Create sustainability messaging for Aasted’s corporate website and landing page
  • Develop and produce Aasted’s 2021 corporate responsibility report
  • Shoot a new photo series that is better aligned with company values
  • Activation strategy and content

About Aasted

Aasted has designed and produced innovative production solutions for the chocolate, bakery, and confectionary industries for more than 100 years. Based in Denmark, the family-owned company supplies complete processing lines, specialized production equipment, and a broad range of services for customers worldwide.

“CBC has been instrumental in helping Aasted sharpen our sustainability messaging. They worked closely with us to align our communicative framework with our values, then implemented across our new corporate responsibility report and online content with creativity, insight, and project management discipline. All against a tight schedule, and all with outstanding results.”

Piet H. Tæstensen,


Aasted takes sustainability and CSR seriously, and had produced an annual CSR report internally for several years before approaching CBC. However, management wanted to improve the consistency of its sustainability communication, sharpen the newest report’s messaging, and lift its production quality to improve suitability for more proactive dissemination internally and externally.

It was critical for Aasted owners and managers that the report and all communication about the company’s sustainability and CSR efforts live up to exacting standards of integrity and precision.

While Aasted executives believe deeply in the company’s ambitious sustainability strategy and actively encourage internal and external stakeholders to embrace it, they also demand that communication avoids any hint of greenwashing and presents the company’s goals and progress toward them honestly, openly, and without embellishment.


Working with Aasted management, CBC developed a new approach to the company’s communication on sustainability and CSR, the Responsibility5 Framework, which encompasses Aasted’s five dimensions of corporate responsibility – responsible business, processes, products, culture, and workplaces – in a holistic way.

Using this framework, CBC developed Aasted’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021. Like previous CSR reports, the new corporate responsibility report continues to be sober, fact-based, and with zero greenwashing. However, the new format was conceived to be more accessible, engaging, and better aligned with the owner’s and management’s values – and something that Aasted would be proud to disseminate more actively.

The project included development of the “sustainable line of thought” concept, all design and graphics, editorial direction and copywriting, and photography. CBC also developed corporate sustainability communication for Aasted’s corporate website.