We helped Amphenol Procom consolidate their four brands into one, with a new identity and communications concept to unite the organisation internally and strengthen their market position.  

About Amphenol Procom

Amphenol Procom forms the backbone of communications for public services and commercial sectors. Created through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the company is a division of Amphenol, a seven- billion-dollar manufacturer of interconnect solutions.

Key deliverables

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture and alignment
  • Vision, mission and
    value proposition
  • Visual identity and communications concept
  • Internal communications
  • Website design


After a series of acquisitions and mergers, the business consisted of four individually strong brands. But the brand architecture was causing confusion in the market and internally.

To support their ambitious growth targets, Amphenol Procom needed a new brand identity to unite the organisation internally and help differentiate the business in the market.


Using insights from our research and brand workshops, we helped Amphenol Procom define a new vision/mission and name. We developed a new brand identity and creative communications concept with powerful messaging and visuals that clarified the company’s value proposition. The overall value proposition was condensed into the ‘Connect with confidence’ strapline, which resonates with Amphenol Procom’s customers, end-users and employees alike.

CBC acted as a strategic advisor and integrated marketing resource at every stage. We activated the new corporate visual identity across print and online and consulted on the internal and external implementation. 


The new, consolidated brand has helped Amphenol Procom integrate their internal departments, strengthen their position in the market, and meet their ambitious growth targets.

“By consolidating our brands into one, we are making it much clearer to the market who we are, which has helped us in our integration process internally and effectively supported our growth in the market. CBC has been a valuable support in our journey.”


Mette Brink
CEO of Amphenol Procom