Brüel & Kjær wanted to position their next-generation product as the new standard for audio testing. Supported by our creative campaign, the product launch sold 400% of the initial target in just 12 months.

About Brüel & Kjær

Brüel & Kjær is known worldwide as a leading provider of solutions for measuring and managing the quality of sound and vibration. They are the market leader in Head and Torso Simulators (HATS) – manikins with built-in ear and mouth simulators that provide a realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso.

Key deliverables

  • Creative campaign concept
  • Print ads and direct mails
  • Social media promotion
  • Sales and distributor support
  • Sales literature and presentations


First launched in 1986, Brüel & Kjær’s HATS Type 4128 is the market leader in numbers sold. But the market for legacy HATS has become more saturated and the competition stronger. Meanwhile, there is a growing market demand for ear simulators that can accurately assess the performance of devices that claim playback in full audio range.

Brüel & Kjær’s new, next-generation High-frequency HATS Type 5128 can cover the full audible frequency range (up to 20 kHz), a huge leap forward from the 8kHz legacy models. Brüel & Kjær wanted to position the High-frequency HATS Type 5128 as the new standard for audio testing in R&D and drive both upgrades and new sales.


We identified R&D test engineers as key decision-makers – appealing to this user group by showing that the new product is technically superior in performance and standardisation. The creative concept shows the HATS Green Man in key applications, from business to leisure.

‘The perfect listener’ communicates the superior technical advantages of the High-frequency HATS in research and development. The campaign collateral was created by central marketing, and distributed to local teams to implement in their own markets across LinkedIn, Twitter, print and industry events.


Brüel & Kjær set an ambitious sales target – which the campaign far exceeded. In 12 months, the product launch sold a staggering 400% of its initial target.

“We were blown away by the creative execution and final results of this campaign. We set ourselves an ambitious sales target – and sold a staggering 400% of that initial target in just 12 months.”


Susanne Køhlert Jacobsen 
Marketing Communication Project Manager, Strategic Marketing