Cabinplant wanted to strengthen its position in the food processing industry and to leverage content marketing to drive lead generation. CBC created a digital lead generation programme with high-impact assets that produced over 200 MQLs during the campaign. In addition, CBC also delivered a dynamic content strategy that would enable Cabinplant to build on these results by targeting additional verticals.


About Cabinplant

For over 50 years, Cabinplant has created tailor-made processing and weighing/packing solutions for the food industry. Over that time, it has become an industry leader, providing its clients with market-leading technology as well as strategic support and practical guidance.

Key deliverables

  • Digital lead-gen strategy
  • Strategic e-book
  • Web and social media content 
  • LinkedIn campaign management

Case video


Cabinplant is known throughout the industry for delivering world-class products, yet it has a lot more to offer. Over the years, the team has amassed a wealth of practical insight on how customers can make the production floor safer, more cost-efficient, and more productive. However, much of that knowledge wasn't reaching customers until the sales team had already initiated a direct customer dialogue.

Cabinplant saw an opportunity to make better use of this insight and experience by sharing it with potential customers far earlier in the buying journey. Cabinplant turned to CBC to help make this happen by leveraging content marketing to drive sales and to reinforce its position as a trusted thought leader.  


CBC conducted several interviews with the Cabinplant sales team to identify the five main challenges that affect customers in the meat and poultry processing vertical. These insights, as well as customer case studies and other value-added information, then served as the foundation for an e-book to be shared and promoted via social media.

With this central asset in place, CBC planned and launched a digital lead generation campaign through LinkedIn, targeting key profiles based on Cabinplant's sales strategy.

Potential leads were nurtured and engaged through a follow-up email campaign, which directed readers to Cabinplant’s web pages or to download further materials. By tracking interactions, sales teams could see exactly which topics where of most interest to whom, helping to qualify leads faster and facilitate sales efforts towards them.

In addition, depending on how readers responded to various calls to action, Cabinplant could make adjustments to optimise the messaging and design. Building on this, CBC also created a localisation strategy that enabled Cabinplant to customise content for subsequent campaigns that targeted different markets and verticals.


This dynamic and flexible approach proved to be a huge success. Once the campaign was launched, it was continually optimised to maximise inbound results, based on audience interaction. As a result, over 200 marketing qualified leads were generated in just four weeks.

The outcome wasn’t just limited to this one campaign, and now Cabinplant has a content strategy it can use to target additional markets and verticals in the same highly effective manner.

“With CBC’s strategic and creative input, Cabinplant enjoys a far stronger position in the food handling industry.

CBC’s team has helped us put together a uniquely dynamic approach to our digital marketing efforts, which has accelerated our pipeline with more qualified leads. We are looking forward to further growing our business, and our relationship, with CBC. ”


Jan Andersen
Marketing Manager at Cabinplant