As part of strengthening its global brand position, C.C.JENSEN wanted to expand its already strong presence in the mining market by implementing a new approach to its sales process. We helped C.C.JENSEN create a digital lead generation strategy and creative concept, develop knowledge-sharing materials, and manage the campaign.


For more than 60 years, C.C.JENSEN has designed and manufactured industrial oil filtration solutions. This family-owned business is recognised around the world for its high-quality products and dedicated customer service.

Key deliverables

  • Digital lead gen strategy
  • Strategic e-book
  • Web and social media content 
  • LinkedIn campaign management 

Case video


Mines are huge operations with many different processes. As an essential piece of equipment at many mine sites, when a crusher shuts down for either planned or unplanned maintenance, the associated cost can run into thousands of euros per hour. Contaminated oil is a common but often overlooked source of shutdowns.

C.C.JENSEN solutions provide an opportunity to help mine operators improve uptime with the addition of secondary offline oil filtration. It wanted to get this message out to the market and generate leads as quickly and efficiently as possible.


To support its sales goals, we helped C.C.JENSEN adopt a new approach to lead generation which engages customers in the early stages of the sales process. We created an e-book which makes a clear case for the savings and efficiency that can be achieved with offline oil filtration. We then helped C.C.JENSEN activate the content via a digital lead generation campaign, targeting specific audience profiles around the world.


With the emphasis on the savings mine operators could achieve, the campaign rapidly caught the attention of the target audience, surpassing C.C.JENSEN’s goals for sales qualified leads.

“With help from CBC, we have been able to strengthen our customer appeal and generate leads that clearly demonstrate the ROI on our marketing efforts.”

Joan Kabel
Marketing Manager, C.C.JENSEN