Cobham SATCOM, a leading technology and services innovator, needed to create preference for its maritime fire fighting radio. The strategy was to use content marketing to influence purchase specifications, with a campaign that centred around two core user missions: viewing hard-hitting video content and downloading a thought-leadership whitepaper.

In 12 weeks, the campaign created 1,300 indications of a strong intention to buy and a 32% surge in actual sales. Conversion rates across the marketing funnel far exceeded expectations with a campaign ROI of 850%.


Nominated for:
Best product launch campaign
Best lead generation or nurturing campaign

CBC Award

About Cobham

Cobham is a world leader in satellite and radio communications equipment.

SAILOR, one of the company’s premium product brands, is known throughout the maritime industry for excellence in regulatory equipment. Its new SAILOR 3695 UHF Fire Fighter radio, an update of an existing radio, was developed specifically to take advantage of new opportunities created by a change in regulation.

Key deliverables

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Value proposition development
  • Marketing communications plans
  • Creative concepts
  • Product branding and launches
  • Lead generation
  • Nurturing activities
  • Sales and distributor support
  • Landing pages and microsites
  • Social media content and promotion
  • Films and animations
  • Exhibition stands
  • Print ads and direct mails
  • Sales literature and presentations

Animation to promote the launch of Cobham SATCOM’s purpose-built maritime handheld fire fighting radio as well as an impending SOLAS regulations deadline.

Designed as ‘quick-shots’ for use on social media platforms,
these teaser animations communicated specific benefits of
Cobham SATCOM’s new firefighting radio.


New SOLAS Chapter II-2 regulations make it compulsory for vessels to adhere to new fire safety standards; a major component of which is a requirement to carry a set of firefighting radios that meet the new guidelines by a specific date. This equipment is mandatory, the only choice is the brand. However, the guidelines leave room for ambiguity, meaning radio manufacturers can get away with relatively low spec products that “technically” comply but risk being ineffective in a real fire. The SAILOR 3965 UHF Fire Fighter radio from Cobham goes beyond the baseline regulations to ensure vessels are not only compliant, but that crews are truly safe. Cobham needed to create awareness about the SOLAS deadline and create preference for their higher spec radio.


To combat low-cost rivals, a content marketing approach was employed. The strategy was to use Cobham’s thought leadership in regulatory equipment to influence purchase specifications. This could be done by highlighting issues not clearly specified in the SOLAS regulations that could compromise safety, and by presenting features unique to SAILOR 3965 as the only viable solution to ensure crew safety. Beyond competitive positioning, Cobham wanted to motivate its target audience to act now in advance of the new regulations coming in and break industry tradition of waiting until legal deadlines forced their hand.

“This product launch was significantly different from anything we’ve done in the past and represents an important milestone in our wider transformation towards digital campaigns.”

Daniel Breum
Director of Marketing and Communications, Cobham SATCOM