Huntsman Advanced Materials enjoys a strong market position; however, the company knew that inbound marketing could open the door to drive more – and more qualitative – leads. With CBC, the company developed digital lead generation campaigns for the Wind, Marine, and Outdoor sectors and the Aerospace sector that drew in hundreds of leads and live attendees to sector-specific webinars.

Key deliverables

  • Gated content assets (white papers, webinar presentations, e-books)
  • Website landing page
  • Social media campaign
  • Email nurture flow

About Huntsman Advanced Materials

Huntsman Advanced Materials, a division of the Huntsman Corporation, is a leading provider of advanced epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane-based polymer products. Serving many of the world’s foremost businesses across virtually every industry, the organisation enables greater innovation, performance, and sustainability to address global engineering challenges and contribute towards a better quality of life.

Creative concept

CBC developed a full creative communications platform for Huntsman Advanced Materials, including the lead generation campaigns, showing how Huntsman Advanced Materials provides tailored solutions to demanding engineering challenges by focussing on real-world examples from relevant industries.  

Case video


Customer behaviour is changing rapidly, and today most of the buying process has typically been completed before the vendor’s sales teams are involved.

Furthermore, customers are now more influenced by digital channels than ever before, with 74% of B2B buyers researching at least half of their purchases online, and as many as 62% selecting products or finalising a vendor list based solely on digital content.

In such an environment, Huntsman Advanced Materials was aware that it needed to up its digital marketing game.

However, the challenge was how to make best use of online channels, such as social media, to identify and capture new leads and encourage prospects to take the next step in the buying journey.


While it was crucial to find the right creative application and value-adding content to capture interest, it was just as important to build a strong digital presence at the right time and place when a potential customer is ready to start their research.

Aimed at aerospace engineers and supply chain teams, CBC created a webinar, e-book guide, and social media posts that focussed on reducing costs and increasing productivity. As ‘cost-out’ initiatives have been affecting the entire value chain for years, this approach proved key for the audience.

The webinar was produced before the pandemic, but this became even more important when it was time to write the e-book guide. Many production lines had been partially or completely halted, and when it came time to ramp up production again, manufacturers would need to do even more with less.

The Wind, Outdoor, and Marine campaign was centred around an engagingly written and presented white paper, which examined how businesses can maximise staff time and minimise the number of hours when critical items are out of action.

Providing a wealth of information that showed how Huntsman Advanced Materials can help to optimise the maintenance and repair process, the white paper was supported and promoted by a social media campaign, email flow, and a dedicated landing page.


The Wind, Marine, and Outdoor campaign was exceptionally well received and created over 400 qualified leads. Compared to the price-per-lead of Huntsman Advanced Materials’ traditional marketing activities, this was a huge success. As a result, the campaign will also be used as a template by the company for subsequent lead generation activity, further driving down the cost of future initiatives.

The Aerospace webinar alone generated over 270 registrations, with 130 key people from the industry attending. The feedback from the webinar has been extremely positive, with many attendees stating they would be sure to sign up for all future activities.

For further inspiration for your next inbound marketing programme, download our guide to digital lead generation.

“CBC initially proved their worth during our divisional rebranding project, which has been instrumental in communicating our value. When it came to digital lead generation, I could not be more pleased with the approach taken and what has been achieved so far together.

We need marketing partners who are willing to challenge our thinking and help us deliver results that raise the bar – in terms of digital marketing, CBC brings a level of professionalism, expertise, and creativity that we have not found elsewhere.

I look forward to seeing what our creative collaboration will produce next.”

Edward Wynne Morris
Communications Director, Huntsman Advanced Materials