Customer centricity is key to any growth strategy, especially one that focuses on driving sales. For leading cheese powder provider Lactosan, it was crucial to develop a highly relevant brand identity that resonated meaningfully and powerfully with target audiences.

About Lactosan

Lactosan is one of the world’s leading providers of cheese powder solutions. Having invented cheese powder, the company now works with a broad range of global food producers who use their cheese powders for many different applications ranging from pasta to pet food.

Key deliverables

  • Creative concept / brand platform
  • Profile brochure
  • Corporate video
  • PowerPoint design
  • Social media posts
  • Corporate website pages

Case video


With orders outpacing capacity, Lactosan started to invest in developing production capabilities to ensure the business would be well placed to meet the needs of an expanding customer base.

As crucial support for this growth plan, Lactosan also recognised the importance of keeping its brand identity relevant if it was to retain its leading position in new and existing markets.


Lactosan needed to get closer to the customer through a brand platform that communicated a clearer proposition and that connected more powerfully with their customers’ world. With experience working with corporations across the global food production industry, CBC was brought in to help bring this exciting project to life.

CBC initially conducted qualitative customer research to gain clearer insight into their needs and to identify the areas in which Lactosan provides the most value. From this, CBC identified the key value proposition and messages that would be most effective across different segments, and that became the foundation for a creative campaign under the theme “Bringing your product to life”.


Creatively, the theme was visualised in a way that gave Lactosan a unique look and a powerful position to own. The campaign brought Lactosan’s strengths into play and differentiated it clearly from competitors, but kept all messaging clearly focused on customer needs.

This was then developed across a selection of targeted channels, integrating both on- and off-line activities to ensure desired impact, including a new website, corporate brochure, advertising, and sales presentations.  

“CBC has been able to identify the best ways to strengthen our marketing and ensure we are as relevant as possible. We now communicate a strong value proposition that clearly conveys how we can help to inspire and facilitate the development of successful food concepts, worldwide.”

Jesper Olsen
Sales & Marketing Director, Lactosan

Corporate video