Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare inherited disorder which demands a very strict diet to alleviate serious health consequences. Prekulab’s products allow the diet to be much less strict, thereby giving patients a vast improvement in their quality of life.

Prekulab’s marketing approach had been almost entirely product focused. While this had enabled the business to develop so far, there was great potential to elevate the brand to reach a broader global audience. To do this, the brand needed a complete overhaul, including a creative idea that would resonate and build trust with a highly sensitive target audience, as well as appeal to distributors, dieticians, and medical professionals.

CBC shifted the focus to how Prekulab’s products can vastly improve quality of life for a person with PKU. A series of core assets were developed under a creative theme that recognised the helplessness people face in this situation, and how they can ‘take back control’ of their lives with no limit to their ambitions.

Key deliverables

  • Brand communications platform
  • Print ads
  • New identity (logo, colours,
    stationery, etc.)
  • Video cases
  • PowerPoint design
  • New website design, content,
    and build
  • Product sheets
  • Exhibition materials



About Prekulab

With a wealth of experience stretching back to 1970, Prekulab is a specialist in the field of Phenylketonuria research. The company is a pioneer in offering specialised medical food products which allow a more liberal diet for patients who would otherwise have to follow a very strict regimen. This in turn allows patients to have a near-normal day-to-day life.


Case Video


In all areas of healthcare, it is vital that businesses build absolute confidence in their brands and products. Their market must trust them implicitly and feel that their situation and needs are fully understood, and that the brand is without doubt the best choice to help improve their quality of life.

In order to take the business to a higher level and establish a stronger global market position, Prekulab needed a completely new approach to marketing that not only came across as extremely professional and credible, but that would resonate with their situation and alleviate their fears.

In addition, the brand also had to come across as completely trustworthy to specialist doctors, dieticians, and distributors, and therefore clearly communicate all the information they would need to recommend or endorse Prekulab’s products.


PKU is diagnosed in children who, without treatment, can suffer delayed development, behavioural problems, psychiatric disorders, and intellectual disability. As a result, this is an extremely frightening time for parents, and for the children as they grow to be more aware of their condition.

CBC developed a creative platform that conveys a powerful message full of empowerment and hope. Under the theme “Take control of your PKU”, people could feel that with Prekulab’s medication, their children’s lives needn’t be dominated by the disease, and that they still could lead a normal life and follow their dreams.

Creatively the idea was reinforced through real-life video stories of people with PKU who have used Prekulab’s medication to beat the odds and become the best they can be. And if they can, so can anyone. Far more than just a promise, the approach speaks to people’s innate sense of ambition as a rallying cry to make the most of life and let nothing stand in their way.

With this concept at its core, CBC redesigned Prekulab’s corporate identity, created a new website that also featured detailed clinical information for professionals, and developed a broad series of marketing assets, including sales and exhibition materials.


Prekulab’s new brand and marketing assets have proven to be extremely successful, helping them to establish a leading position in a highly specialist area. The website has significantly increased inbound leads and enabled the business to build relationships with medical professionals and expand their distributor network.

For CBC, the project was an unusual opportunity to stretch its creative wings around a highly delicate subject, where audience sensitivity and brand credibility were paramount.

“In the healthcare sector, confidence in your brand is vital. We needed an identity and website that would convince people that we understand their needs and offer the most effective and safest product available, as well as to build solid relationships with dealers worldwide. CBC delivered on all counts.”

Jørgen Thomsen
Commercial Director
Prekulab Ltd. A/S