Several years after purchasing Carsoe, Solix acquired Intech to create a powerhouse in tray denesting and handling to serve food producers worldwide. The move consolidated all food-related activities from both companies within Intech, with the exception of seafood processing, which remained a part of Carsoe.

To leverage the combined strength of two brands that previously competed with each other, the new owners and management determined that renaming Intech was the best long term solution to encompass both strong product lines.

CBC became part of the renaming and rebranding process early on. Working with a joint team from both companies' food divisions, we gathered customer insights to inform the new company’s competitive positioning strategy, then created an original company name and logo, implemented these across a new CVI, and aligned sales and marketing activities to support the launch.

Key deliverables

  • Competitive positioning strategy (research & mapping)
  • New corporate name (selection criteria & name generation)
  • New corporate visual identity
    (logo, colours, web, etc.)
  • New website (UX, design, content
    & build)
  • New product portfolio strategy (consulting)
  • New trade show design and sales support materials
  • New brand communication platform (brand promise, positioning, narrative, value proposition, key messaging priorities, and communication concepts)
  • Internal and external launch activities
  • Inbound content marketing and digital lead generation


QUPAQ is the world leader in tray denesting and handling solutions for food producers. Formed by the successful consolidation of Intech and Carsoe’s food handling activities, the Danish company markets the electric INTRAY line, the world’s most advanced denesting technology for high-volume producers, and the pneumatic ANYTRAY line, the world’s leading best-value solution. QUPAQ is owned by Solix.


Solix, a Scandinavian investment company, acquired Intech in 2021 with the intention of combining Intech’s and Carsoe’s activities within tray denesting and handling for food product packaging. The potential upside was compelling: consolidating the two companies food activities could create a new powerhouse in a highly competitive and fragmented industry.

As the two Danish companies had heretofore competed for market share with different tray denesting technologies, executives decided to create a new company name and brand whose expanded product portfolio would include Intech’s electric denesters (INTRAY) and Carsoe’s pneumatic denesters (ANYTRAY).

The brief was thus to get the new company ready to face the world in less than four months. On the to-do list was not only a new company name, logo, and CVI, but the implementation of an entirely new communication platform to solidify the new company’s de facto position as the world leader in its industry.


CBC initiated the project with research to understand customer perceptions of Intech’s INTRAY + Carsoe’s ANYTRAY brands and the competitive playing field. Based on these insights, we created a positioning strategy and a foundational communication platform that would differentiate the new company and bring to life its unique value proposition.

We then initiated the process to come up with a new name that would not only align with the new positioning strategy, but also live up to other critical criteria. Practically, it had to be unique, suitable for global use, and available both in terms of trademarks and copyrights and a dot-com URL; ideally, the name would furthermore be short and semantically relevant – and something the management team could embrace with both hearts and minds.

Once “QUPAQ” was selected from over 100 viable alternatives, we proceeded to design the new logo and CVI and prepare a brand new web site, trade show stand, and internal/external launch materials.


QUPAQ met the world at two important international tradeshows – on time and in attractive new graphical shape. Stakeholders from QUPAQ and Solix were happy with the process and results, and were pleased with positive feedback from customers on the rebranding exercise’s “reasons why” and solutions.

In addition to our customer’s success, the project was also a great opportunity for CBC to practice a holistic approach that includes strategy and tactical implementation, deep insights into branding, and creative B2B solutions with both rational and emotional appeal.

“CBC did a great job managing complex processes that demand strategic insight, creative implementation, and keeping many moving parts on track to meet demanding deadlines. QUPAQ was born to do great things, and I’m very confident that we are now well positioned to help our customers achieve even smarter automation and improved production efficiencies.”


Anette Juul Larsen
Marketing and Communications Manager