Faced with a saturated market in Scandinavia, Schilling’s growth needed to come from further afield. As the brand was relatively unknown outside the region, CBC devised and created a complete global brand strategy to change this situation, aligning with Schilling’s five-year plan to change market perception of the company from an IT supplier to a business solutions partner.

Key deliverables

  • Brand concept with new logo
  • Brand platform
  • Design guide
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • White papers
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Teaser emails
  • Video
  • Infographics

About Schilling Publishing

Schilling is the Nordic region’s leading provider of specialised software solutions for publishers. The business helps publishers of audio, digital, and print content organise, shape, and streamline every step of the publishing workflow so that the customer’s business works faster and more efficiently to harvest greater profits.

Case video


Schilling came to CBC with a familiar challenge: the business had been so successful in its home market – Scandinavia – that growth could only come from outside the region.

However, the brand was far less well-known in other target markets. The first challenge was therefore to evolve and strengthen the brand to build an image that customers could trust, and which could be used globally.

Schilling’s strong ambition was also expressed in a five-year plan to change the market’s perception of the company from an IT supplier to a business solutions partner for the publishing industry.


CBC developed a creative and tactical approach to the problem. This started with a range of marketing tools grounded in a strong brand concept built around the essential ingredient in Schilling’s business: words. Communication was directed at three key sectors: trade publishing, education, and professional (legal and medical, for example), and aimed at positioning Schilling as the best partner for publishing challenges – whether digital or print.

Job functions were also addressed with a combination of top-down messages for senior executives and bottom-up for the more hands-on marketing and publishing managers. Schilling’s 50 largest prospects were then targeted, with CBC designing a carefully calibrated direct mail campaign with comprehensive follow-up. Finally, an email flow was also set up for contacts to receive more information, including white papers and invitations to webinars and trade fair appearances.

All campaign visuals were presented against a graphic background of printed words, giving a common creative theme across all materials. CBC also designed an entirely new website, including everything from wireframes, design, and infographics to all content and search terms. Not only did this reinforce the visual approach and key messaging, but it delivered a seamless online experience and lead generation tool that guided customers through their broad range of offerings.


CBC’s insights and approach have proved crucial to building customer trust and taking the Schilling brand to a global level. The business now has the tools and assets it needs to deliver the high-quality experience that customers – and the industry – expect.

With an upgraded brand image and clear, value-driven messaging, customers worldwide now associate Schilling with a high-quality, consistent experience and as a leading publishing solutions partner.

“We needed a creative platform to help us strengthen the Schilling brand – one that would speak directly to the interests of publishers in new markets. We also needed a well-thought-out strategy for a top-down and bottom-up direct-mail campaign to reach our 50 most promising prospects. CBC delivered on both counts.”

Anja Beltoft
COO/Marketing Manager, Schilling Publishing

A video was created that showcased the new brand and messaging,
which was featured and promoted across multiple platforms.