Terma A/S is Denmark’s foremost aerospace, defence, and security company. Dealing with large governmental projects, the company’s central marketing and communications channel is its corporate website. For Terma it is crucial that the company’s website reflects and demonstrates its capacity for excellence.

CBC created an award-winning new website, based on the “Allies in Innovation” concept that CBC also developed, to promote engagement through stronger, customer-oriented content and opportunities to interact.



Key deliverables

  • Market and customer insights
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand communications platform
  • Corporate branding and PPT
  • Web design and development
  • Annual reports
  • CSR reports
  • Profile brochures
  • Product literature
  • Exhibition designs

Since the website was completed, CBC has supported Terma with a series of other projects, such as product launch campaigns and the company’s annual reports.

“This website reflects the modern Terma organisation and where we want to go as a business. Importantly, the site also communicates what Terma stands for at a deeper level.”

Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen
Vice President, Terma

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