TICRA is recognised as the leading provider of reflector antenna and electromagnetic modelling software. However, the company’s visual identity and digital presence did not live up to the same world-class standards. It was time to reinforce the brand position with a new creative platform and sharpen the value proposition across multiple channels to support lead generation targets.


TICRA is the world’s foremost provider of cutting-edge reflector antenna modelling software for spacecraft operators and manufacturers, space agencies, earth station suppliers, defence organisations, and research institutions. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with agents around the world, TICRA’s products are trusted worldwide as the reference standard for reflector antenna design and development.

Key deliverables

  • Creative concept / brand platform
  • Corporate website
  • Profile brochure
  • Product packaging
  • PowerPoint design
  • Exhibition materials
  • Social media posts

Case video


When you operate in such a complex world as TICRA, it is a challenge to reconcile the nature of your specialism and offering with a clearly understood value proposition. However, as with any business, it was vital for TICRA to distinguish its brand in the market and ensure that its communications conveyed the right messages for target audiences. 

TICRA is broadly recognised as the industry standard for reflector antenna and electromagnetic modelling software. ESA, for example, relies heavily on TICRA’s expertise and tools, as do many other leading businesses in the space, defence, and research industries (among others).

Over the years, however, TICRA’s focus had been more on product development and customer support than on marketing communications, which had begun to lag behind the sophistication of their cutting-edge software.

As a result, TICRA needed a B2B communications partner who could get quickly and reliably up to speed on the nature of their business and translate this into a compelling brand platform, with relevant messages and engaging collateral.


After researching TICRA’s target groups to gain valuable insight into their needs, drivers, and buying behaviour, CBC developed an impactful brand communications platform that elevated the business to an entirely new level.

A unique visual concept gave TICRA everything it needed to demonstrate market leadership and stand apart from competitors, showing once again the power of taking a highly complex proposition and distilling it into a clear, simple, and compelling message.

The new brand identity lent itself perfectly to a variety of formats, especially digital, and now TICRA has a world-class website and other key marketing and sales tools to help drive the business forwards.


The outcome has been well-received as a shift from product-focused communications to a strongly customer-centric offering, and the new website and sales materials have played a vital role in driving lead generation.

We were impressed with CBC’s ability to gain a strong understanding of our customer’s challenges, and their focus on turning a complex proposition into a communication platform that our customers could instantly identify with.”

Dorthe Friberg
Marketing Manager, TICRA